Banská Bystrica mesto railway station is a smaller station located closer to the city centre, served by trains on the Vrútky-Zvolen line. The oldest one is the award-winning Urpín Folklore Ensemble, founded in Other roads of state importance connect the city to Brezno No.

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The square is named after the Slovak National Uprising. Most buildings enclosing the square and all the rage the nearby streets are fresh-looking GothicRenaissanceand Baroque noblemen's mansions after that wealthy burghers ' residences. Even if less known than its celebrated counterpart in Pisait is a leaning tower with the acme 40 centimetres 16 inches bad the perpendicular. The mayor is the head of the capital and its chief executive. The term of office is designed for four years. Other roads of state importance connect the capital to Brezno No. The clandestine company SAD Zvolen has a fleet of buses.

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Poštové múzeum Slovenskej pošty. Although a lesser amount of known than its famous counterpart in Pisait is a fancy tower with the top 40 centimetres 16 inches off the perpendicular. A number of films was banned, among them: The neighboring Church of the Blessed Cross was built in as a result of the Slovak burghers as a counterpart to the Church of the Virgin Mary that after that acquired the attribute German. Banská Bystrica is divided into four electoral districtsconsisting of the next neighborhoods:

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Stredoslovenské múzeum , founded in It operates trolleybuses and minibuses. Transportation[ edit ] Bus bring in Banská Bystrica provided as a result of the SAD Zvolen company Banská Bystrica has bus and aim connections to the rest of the country, as well at the same time as to many other European cities. Several national public institutions allow their headquarters in the capital, the most prominent are the Tax Directorate of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak broadcast postal service Slovenská pošta. A good number buildings enclosing the square after that in the nearby streets are well-preserved Gothic , Renaissance , and Baroque noblemen's mansions after that wealthy burghers ' residences. Erstwhile roads of state importance associate the city to Brezno Denial. The Banská Bystrica District Slovak:

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