A few days later on the Citadel, Rasa lightened her skin and donned a close-cropped blonde wig for the op. Brooks joins the rest of Shepard's crew in a counter-assault on the Archives where the mysterious identity thief is revealed to be Shepard's Cerberus-created clone. Rasa hazily reached the Presidium before collapsing.

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Maya Brooke Women's Dress with Printed Jacket

A turian C-Sec cop held her up for public intoxication, disbelieving her claim that she was poisoned or drugged. Brooks becomes part of the team so as to infiltrates the casino to ask the man. Instead, he handed her what he deemed en route for be the most important assignment of her life. Figures as of Rasa's past flooded her awareness, and she remembered bits after that pieces of the things they told her. When I at the outset met with Tom I actually wasn't sure on what I wanted.

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Mass Effect 3 - Everyone Shoots Brooks(Citadel DLC)

Maya Brooks

Base 2 Edit An older Maya, who was still going as a result of the name "Rasa", was reminiscing about lessons learned from her impoverished childhood while she was reviewing a dossier about Urdnot Wrex. Rasa later shared an elevator with Wrex, the concluding having failed to apprehend Fist. Edit In CE, a young Maya Brooks worked as a forced child laborer in an asteroid-mining facility orbiting the chat giant Themiswhich supplied the adult year of materials for the assembly of Arcturus Stationand was treated as a boy. Rasa questioned Miranda's blind allegiance to the Illusive Man, as well at the same time as the point of throwing absent the clone, finally venting her resentment at being treated akin to a puppet and deeming Cerberus' strings-attached policy insufficient to acquire her loyalty. The woman interrogated the foreman for the locality of a man, then killed him and took Maya along with her, also assuming she was a boy.

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Afterwards Shepard is rescued, Brooks returns with Shepard to the Commander's Personal Apartment where they meet up along with the most of the Normandy crew. She wanted to ascertain more about Fist's connection along with Saren, and she can't acquire that if he's dead. She had to step off as of piloting their shuttle to bicker with Leng, who was freaking out. Years later, Maya gained a meeting with the Deceptive Manidentifying herself as "Rasa".

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Brooks becomes part of the band that infiltrates the casino en route for question the man. Rasa promptly went back to dossier-building after that deemed Zaeed Massani 's account interesting. You can tell so as to to Tom this is a good deal more than a job en route for him. Leng offhandedly mentioned he was off on a aim, and Rasa immediately assumed he was the one looking by Shepard's case. A firefight ensues in the cargo hold, finally ending with Shepard and the Clone hanging off the advantage of the open boarding access ramp. Leng thought the mission a waste of time, but Plemeno was uncertain: Brooks does not actually work for the Agreement but is in fact ex-Cerberus, the one who put all together all of the dossiers designed for Shepard's suicide mission; she was disgusted that Cerberus would air to aliens for help after that left the organization as the  Illusive Man  began his slow crawl to indoctrination. The fact so as to she didn't seem bothered by all when it was discovered that Shepard sneaked onto the ship or even when she was about to be taken away further shows how hard it was to intimidate her.


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